A Simple Phrase Can Be a Game Changer!

DON’T LIVE BY A PERSONAL MOTTO?! UH OH, READ ON……..  An important tool to life, as well as business, is having a personal motto. Motto’s are tools that help the eye to stay focused on goals and to keep from letting the obstacles of life distract you from your dreams.

A personal motto can revolutionize your life and business!

It can serve as:

  • A powerful ally
  • Friend
  • Mentor
  • Support in good times
  • Serve you in moments of overwhelm!

A motto can help eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive emotions. When you have a strong motto and repeat it throughout your life, it reminds you of what’s important and it can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

A good motto will lift you up and give you hope of a better tomorrow. They can encourage you to stay focused on the future and never get discouraged.  

As you probably have already guessed, my business motto is Dreams Before Dishes and my team’s motto is “Success at your fingertips”. These mottos have helped guide my business as we have all been able to remember to put our dreams first and if we work hard, success is literally at our fingertips.

My motto has helped me as I have been able to see the bigger picture and not let the little things discourage me from my dreams. I have it written in many places as a constant reminder of why I work hard and keeps my eye on my dreams.

Personal branding is essential in business as people will associate you with this and will think of it whenever they think of your company. Do not worry, having a business is about growing and evolving and as you do, so rebranding a few times is fine! As you become stronger and more confident in yourself and your business, rebrand yourself and make sure your business is growing with you.

So how do you do this?

To adopt a motto, you need to be honest with yourself of your dreams, aspirations and even weaknesses to know what you want to work on in your business and personal life.

Dreams Before Dishes was born out of a hashtag on a night when I was feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. It was the end of the month; the house was a disaster and the sink had a frightening mountain of dishes staring me down. I was close to hitting a big goal that I wanted to hit for a big promotion, and I was doubting myself and worrying over whether it would happen or not. Super close to this goal of mine, I became so overwhelmed and discouraged that I stepped back and started to do the dishes. It was in that moment that I knew if I stepped away at such a crucial moment and let it slip away, I would regret it. I had worked so hard for this. I took a picture of my sink and posted on Facebook with the caption #dreamsbeforedishes and it stuck. I decided that day that I would not let a sink of dishes get in my way.

Here are 3 steps to get you your own motto right now!

STEP 1: Find your own motivation, something to get you up in the morning and get to work. A motto will help you achieve your dreams and get things done.

STEP 2: Write a vision statement to accompany your motto. This can be something short and easy to learn that gives an extra kick. My vision statement that I have written everywhere to constantly remind myself is “I will not let the little stresses in life stop me from making my dreams come true. The dishes can wait but my dreams can’t.” Find out what you want to do. Do you want to travel, learn a new language, hit the next rank in your company? Sit down and figure it out and then write something that motivates you!

STEP 3: Come up with your plan and get started as soon as possible! No more waiting! The sooner you are able to figure out what will work for you, you can start applying it to your life and see it revolutionize everything.

MY PROMISE: You will begin to see a difference in you life and business, and people will be drawn to that. You will be able to start branding yourself and get using your motto as a hashtag to build that brand. Many famous and successful companies and celebrities have their own mottos that keep them motivated and we can do the same.

I am excited to see what you come up with and encourage you to start now. Find something powerful that speaks to you and watch it change your life.

The importance of a motto and how to create yours | MLM Game Changers

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