dreams before dishes

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The dishes can wait, your dreams can't. Let's do this!

Hello And Welcome

your dreams can't

The dishes can wait. 

I'm a Mom of 4 who built a 7-figure Network Marking (MLM) business from my kitchen table. And today, I want to help  you build the life of your  dreams.

Hello And Welcome

The dishes can wait

WHY on earth would I share my secrets with you?  Well, I can't believe this is my life and now I want to pay it forward.  I had to learn everything the hard way and it was a long and tiring process. What I'm going to share with you through 5 daily videos is what I wish someone would have told me sooner! So why am I giving them away for FREE? My hope is that when this free training helps you (and it will!), you'll send another mama my way! ...because I'm out to start a revolution!

How to Master a million dollar business

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I'm an 80's girl who loves helping women! I dream big and help other women do the same. I'm as girly as they come, despite being a mom of 4 boys and I love sharing my passion with others. Let's get started!

I'm so happy you're here

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“Codi is passionate and loves what she does. She is always there for you and I know that I can always come to her with any questions I have.”

Jolyn Glascock 

"Codi has a unique ability to make everyone around her feel important. Not only is she hard working, supportive and incredible at her job, but she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet."

- Lindsey Haroldsen 

“Codi is at that place that most only dream of and what's more amazing is how much she freely gives so that other women can too.”

Leah Stimmel

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I had my designer create this custom print just for the dreamers & the doers! This is our little reminder that we can do this! So go ahead, download the print, pop it in your favorite frame, and give yourself this sweet daily reminder. Oh, and you can choose from a horizontal or a vertical option.

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Are you a child of the 80's.
You'll know you are if....


if You owned at least one pair of these.

If your preferred mode of transportation was on wheels.


if you thought SPF 4 was responsibly using sun block.


If you still remember your childhood best friend's phone number.


If you ever rocked kangaroos as a kid.


if you know the sound when you get to the end of a record by heart.


if your teacher ever said to learn your facts because you won't always have a calculator.


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dreams before dishes

5 Trainings over 5 days...
Telling you exactly how I built a million dollar biz from my kitchen!

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exactly how I built a million dollar biz
from my kitchen!

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