Your Team Isn’t Falling Apart, It’s Evolving!

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! A common mistake I have seen made by many in network marketing is taking things personally when they do not go exactly how you want. Something I have seen many who struggle with, as well as myself, is taking it personally when people leave your team or company.

It is so easy to automatically blame yourself, but in reality, it is simply the way this business goes. This life is one that requires self-motivation and working at it like a job. It requires hard work and dedication that some people decide is not the path for them or can’t handle it. Some people will not share your same passion and vision and will come and go. It will 100% happen and when it does, do not get discouraged! Wish them well, keep in touch and keep moving forward!

The reality is that this may not be the path that people decide to stay on, but you can work to make sure that those who do decide to pursue it can feel motivated to continue. When people join your team, it is important to figure out what their goals are and help them to make a plan to reach these goals. This will help people who are determined to have a solid way to reach their dreams and keep them motivated with their eye on the target.

Provide your team with the tools that they need but if they decide they do not want to use them, do not take it personally. You cannot control what others decide is the right path for them. All you can do is your best. Stay passionate and share what you love about the company and your lifestyle and people will want to join your team. It is a constant process, and one you must continue working on, but it is all for the benefit of your company. People may come and go as they try to find the right fit for them, but as you show your passion for your business, you will attract others who feel the same.

Here’s your BIG TIP: Your team is never falling apart but rather evolving towards a bigger and stronger team! It’s up to you to continue the evolution and constantly recruit to balance the fall out. Remember to strive to do your best in all that you can and learn to let go of the things you cannot control. Everyone is trying to chase their dreams and all you can do is make sure you are chasing yours and helping others who decide they want to follow. Be the example of going after your dreams!

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