Was Your Schedule Interrupted by Covid-19?

WHAT DAY IS IT? Seriously, are you finding yourself asking this? The pandemic of 2020 has interrupted lives in more ways than I can list!

School, jobs, sports, and so much more were suddenly ripped from our schedules. So what now? Well, you take advantage of the time you now have to work on your dreams harder than ever!

I know that most of you have kids at home full time now so it is crucial to put time blocking to good use for both you and the kids. Use your time wisely! When the kids are doing school work, you do your work! Don’t get sucked in to the Netflix rabbit hole all day, save that as a reward AFTER you accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Staying on schedule will help you get in the habit and you will be killing it by the time the world submerges from the Corona Virus!

Here are 5 reasons to time block:

  1. Time blocking forces you to commit.
  2. Time blocking allows you to reflect on your priorities.
  3. Time blocking makes you plan realistically.
  4. Time blocking helps you become more productive.
  5. Time blocking allows you to build in fun time.

What does time blocking look like? You can schedule 30 minute or an hour increments depending on your tasks. Place buffers in between tasks. Schedule your breaks. Use the right daily time for certain tasks to stay on task. Start with high level priorities and don’t put too many things on your calendar in one day. Communicate to your family what you are doing and encourage them to time block their own calendar.

Good luck! Make this time count!

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