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GLOW aka the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, is a cult classic television series created by David B. McLane which originally aired in December of 1985. The recent popular Netflix series by the same name, is a hit both culturally and critically and has just been renewed for a fourth season. The highly anticipated third season […]

GLOW: The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

If you grew up in the 80’s you probably remember going to the water park in the summer. Water parks have been around since the 40’s and 50’s but the evolution of water parks took off in the late 70’s and into the 80’s. The first indoor water park was built in Edmonton Canada in […]

Flashback to 80’s Fun at the Water Park

Gaming in the 80’s is certainly not like it is today. While gaming back then was not as sophisticated as today’s high-tech options, it was just as fun! One thing is certain, the 80’s helped set the stage for the future of the gaming industry. In the 80’s kids and adults alike gladly took the […]

Full Throttle 80’s Style Gaming

While summer may not last forever, the fun, the memories, and even the music never fade away. Yes, music evokes memories and recalling your favorite tunes can help transport you right back in time. Yes, you might even remember how cool it was to grab your favorite cassettes and your boom box and crank up […]

Best Tunes to Remind You of Summer in the 80’s

If you love the 80’s, and I know you do, then you are equally obsessed with Netflix’s runaway hit Stranger Things. If you took the “kids on bikes solving mysteries” from Stephen King’s IT and added in a dash of finding a strange creature like in ET: The Extra Terrestrial, and finished it off with […]

Stranger Things Season 3 Hits Netflix July 4th

Summertime always brings back great memories of how carefree life was in the 80’s. Everyone couldn’t wait for summer to start.  After all, who doesn’t love hot summer days and long summer nights where it feels like the sun never sets? Come on, I’m sure you’ve got plenty of great memories of what life was […]

Summer Fun in the Sun

Time to Break Out the Swimsuits and Shades Summer is officially here and it’s time to dust off our swimsuits, grab our Hawaiian Tropic, and head outside! Swimwear in the 80’s was the best! We all looked great in those bright colors, high cut swimsuits, and of course, the accessories and nail colors to match. […]

Summer is Here!

Here’s one of the best things about pop culture in America: if you wait long enough, the things that you used to love will be back in style, and that couldn’t be more true than for 80’s nostalgia. To further prove this saying, Debbie Gibson is back!  Nothing or no one really personifies the spectacular musical […]

Out Of The Blue: Debbie Gibson is Back in 2019

Fashion and accessorizing in the 80’s was all about being bold, using bright colors, and adding some glitz. The decade was known for its style and expression. Think dazzling colors, patterns, accessorized outfits, and flashy nails to finish off the look. Accessorizing was an essential part of any outfit. Everything from scrunchies, statement necklaces, dangling […]

An 80’s Girl’s Love For Accessories

Who doesn’t love a good rom-com? You know, the ones you can watch over and over because they never get old? The 80’s gave us some of the best rom-coms ever made!  While is was super tough narrowing down my list, here are my top three favorites.  Can’t Buy Me Love In the movie Ronald […]

The Top Three Rom-Com Movies of the 80’s

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