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What’s not to love about the hair trends from the 1980’s? There were more than a couple of hairstyles that not only stood out but stood up. Here are a few of the top hair trends that left everyone’s heads turning back in the 80’s. Spiral Perm Do you recall Whitney Houston’s famous spiral perm […]

Primping and Crimping Your Hair in the 80’s

Going to school in the 80’s was the BEST! Remember how cool you felt with a Trapper Keeper? You know those plastic folders with a photo, wraparound flap, and Velcro closure? Everyone either had one or wanted one to carry their school work in. Wait, was their even homework in the 80’s? Yes, homework existed, […]

Too Cool for School in the 80’s

When you think back to the 1980’s you can’t help but recall that famous saying, “Where’s the beef?” Fast food chains were on the rise in the 80’s due to the unprecedented convenience for families, students, and really any working person, to get food on the fly.  Yes, the burger wars of the 80’s were […]

Where’s the beef? The Burger Wars of the 1980’s: Here’s Why These Three Fast Food Chains are the Most Remembered

Are there two more iconic pop artists from the 80’s than Prince and Madonna? Absolutely not! These two artists not only ruled the music charts, but also captured and captivated audiences for decades leaving them longing for more of their catchy music. Madonna the “Queen of Pop” was influential and memorable for her time with […]

Remembering Two Pop Artists Who Ruled the 80’s Music Scene: Madonna and Prince

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. This is the perfect time of year to give your nails a pop of color and bring back some of those posh 80’s styles you love. All you have to do is pick your nail shape, pick your base color, pick your design, and either […]

Nail Art of the 80’s is Coming Back in 2019

Whether or not you lived through the 80’s, many would agree it was a totally rad and carefree decade that simply cannot be forgotten. Let’s face it, the 80’s brought us the best movies, music, break-dancing, and even some of the most defining fashion trends. And well, we just can’t forget about the significant historical […]

Flashback to the 80’s: Top Five Reasons it Was Totally Rad

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