An 80’s Girl’s Love For Accessories

Fashion and accessorizing in the 80’s was all about being bold, using bright colors, and adding some glitz. The decade was known for its style and expression. Think dazzling colors, patterns, accessorized outfits, and flashy nails to finish off the look. Accessorizing was an essential part of any outfit. Everything from scrunchies, statement necklaces, dangling and big earrings, jelly bracelets, finger gloves, plastic watches, sneakers and jelly shoes, leg warmers, sweatbands, and bedazzled nails made a statement. No outfit was complete without the accessories. Here are a few trends that made fashion sense in the 80’s.

Neon Colors Ruled

Neon colors were trendy since they were used a lot in movies and were highly visible. People loved bright pink, screaming yellow, neon green, and bright blue colors. Bright colors helped give a youthful pop to any outfit. After all, everyone wanted to be like Madonna and achieve the material girl look. Neon accessories made your wardrobe dazzle and helped give you that distinctive look you were going for because it worked so well for the celebrities you had your eye on.

Who Wore it Best?

Speaking of celebrities, much of the fashion, wardrobe, and accessory inspiration from the 80’s came from watching TV or looking at magazine ads since the internet wasn’t around. People also tuned in to watch MTV to check out what their favorite celebrities and rock stars were dressing like. Because of this, a fade spread quickly and before you knew it, everyone was wildly dressed like their favorite celebrity or favorite rock star. If you lived through the 80’s, go back and look at some of your old photos. You’ll quickly see what made fashion sense back then. People loved 80’s fashion and amazingly enough, many of these styles have continued to fade in and out through the years. So, if you saved your wardrobe or accessories from the 80’s continue to hang on to it because you might be able to wear some of it again. Then again, why not just rock that wardrobe now. Who cares? After all, that’s what the 80’s was all about.

Don’t Forget Your Nails!

Okay, it is impossible to talk about accessories and wardrobe without mentioning nails. Totally rad, eye-catching nails helped finish off any look you were trying to achieve. I mean who didn’t love painting their nails a mix of neon paint colors and then sliding into their white or black laced finger gloves?  To nail any wardrobe style in the 80’s all you had to do was glam up your nails. Of course, you wanted your nails to stand out with that sequined dress, mini skirt, mesh top with tank, hair bows or scrunchies. Most nail art that was popular in the 80’s is still acceptable today. That’s a good thing for those that love the 80’s. Basic nail art like stripes, diamontes, foils, stripping tape, and even the long cockroach, are all still popular today. Just like the 80’s, anything goes when it comes to styling your nails. 

So, who’s ready to break out their 80’s accessories and wardrobe? If you love the 80’s as much as I do, I’m sure you are ready to grab and wear some of your favorites at a moments notice. Why settle for a bland look when instead you can create your own style that lets your unique personality shine through. Any day I get to see someone wearing neon is a happy day!

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