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In episode one, I promised that I would tell you how I built a huge team and how I continue to do so today. 

Grab a pen to take notes. I’m going to give you six solid ways to recruit without getting blocked and your friends and family won’t avoid you either. These are the exact methods that helped me build a seven figure empire that sky rocketed my success and all my friends and family are still talking to me. 

Number one: You are your number one product

Think about it, there are thousands of other people selling exactly what you’re selling. Why would someone choose you? The truth is, if you don’t know, neither do they. But when you DO know, when you make it clear why you’re different and what added value you give, they start to choose you on purpose. You are an extension of the products that you’re selling. 

Easy ways to elevate YOU as the #1 product you’re selling:

  1. Streamline all of your social media channels to be consistent. For example, you can find me everywhere as @CodiBills.
  2. Next, you want consistency across all platforms. Will someone be able to pick you out whether they’re looking at your Facebook personal profile, Instagram, your Facebook group, or your company page? If they can’t, you can fix this by using the same great head shot and color palette across all platforms.
  3. Pick a theme and color scheme. This is going to help speed up content creation (i.e. when you need to make a post or a banner, or anything else).

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and hire someone to help you with all of this! It will be money well invested. 

Number two: Be Authentic

Mix as much of your own personality into everything you do. No one wants to watch or join a person who is calculated or robotic, or for that matter, unoriginal! How can your personal brand be relatable?

I can tell you that it’s not from copying and pasting the same message to the masses. Think of how you would actually give a message to someone in person. The words you type behind the computer should match how you would talk face to face. 

You should be confident yet approachable. Being positive can also make a huge impact on others. It’s true when they say that your vibe attracts your tribe. Do you want to attract negative nellies or positive pollys? You can probably guess which ones are more successful in life. 

Number three: Your track record

People want to know all about your accomplishments! Give yourself some accolades no matter what they are! There are tasteful ways to brag about yourself without being egotistical. But here’s what you have to understand, no one wants to sign up with someone who doesn’t look like they know what they are doing or who doesn’t show any ambition. That seems like a one-way ticket to no where. Think about when you joined your company or if you’re thinking about making a switch. Who would you want to see as your leader, the person who is clearly kill’n it and doing things right OR the person who is mousy, unsure, and not clear on if they’ve had any success. People are doing their homework online. So what do you have to show? It can be anything from special talents you have, organizations you have participated in, personal or team stats, and so forth. 

You have to ask yourself, “What makes ME stand out from everybody else doing the same thing out there?”

Episode three continues this conversation with the following three tried-and-true recruiting methods you won’t want to miss!

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