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Are you letting the little things get in the way of your dreams?

If you are struggling to succeed in your direct sales business, or just getting into the network marketing field, then this podcast is the one for you. Host Codi Bills offers quick tips and advice in short, simple, and to-the-point episodes that won’t take up your valuable time. 

Our first episode talks about three things that kill network marketing businesses

Let’s make sure you’re not guilty of making any of these top 3 mistakes that kill network marketing businesses.

We so often hear about what you should be doing, but in this episode I want to get down and dirty and get into what you should NOT be doing, as in not ever! – unless you’re actually trying to ruin your business. And here’s the truth: I see too many people making these mistakes and not even knowing it. Let’s protect your business and make sure you’re not!

number one: It’s OK when people come and go

It took me a few years to realize this, but in network marketing, people come and go. In fact, the freedom of it all is a big selling point. Not everyone is going to have the same level of passion about your product or your company culture and that is okay! I eventually learned to bless and release and to keep good relations with people I have worked with. True friendships and relationships are more valuable than paychecks. It’s really hard to repair burnt bridges.

Here’s how I changed my mindset. I started seeing that some people will leave for one reason or another and it felt like teams were falling apart. But then my eyes were open to the fact that they weren’t falling apart, they were evolving! It was up to me to keep the evolution going with a constant stream of recruiting and that I needed to teach my team the same. Together we came to learn that it’s a waste of time to convince people to stay when their hearts weren’t in it anymore. Again, bless and release!

Number two: recognizing the importance of everyone on the team

We are taught in direct sales to identify leaders on our teams and to work closely with them. This is good! Keep doing this! But the important thing to keep in mind is that you still need to be working with the non-leaders because they make up the bulk of your team. You and your leaders can’t exist without them! I am talking about those that do the minimum. The ones that just like being part of the community. The hobbyists. They are important too!

Every single person on your direct sales team plays a valid part! So, find ways to create a healthy and inclusive team culture. Let them know you see them and that they are important!

Number three: it’s not about you

It’s not about you. Don’t make it about yourself. Yes, you get the title. Yes, you get the big pay. But did you do it on your own? No! This is a team effort. You will lose the respect of your team, especially those super important non-leaders we just talked about, and that will be the biggest killer of your success.

And this is not just about words, this is about attitude. We’re not just trying to say the right words so that your team stays happy. It needs to come from the heart. Direct Sales is not a “me” thing it’s a “we” thing. And our actions and words need to prove that we know this.

Our words, actions, and attitude demonstrate whether we are a team player or a ME player. Overly praise your team. The journey will be so much richer when you validate everyone and you give credit to your team.

There is no such thing as too much recognition! A loved team is a team that sticks around for the long haul!

If you’re ready to start letting your dreams take the lead, listen in and be sure to subscribe.

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