5 steps to creating a healthy team culture

Now that you have taken the advice to become a recruiting rock star, you find yourself managing a team. What happens next? Your team becomes the main character and your job is to set them up to become stars.

Once you bring others into your biz opportunity, you form a community. It’s up to you to ensure it’s a healthy community with a positive culture. A team culture is made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shared by a team. It’s how people work together towards a common goal and how they treat each other. When we use the talents and brilliance of everyone around us, we are all elevated. And, you can’t reach your big income goals without a team, so working together benefits everyone.

Your team believed in you before they believed in the company. So what kind of leader are you? There are two choices.

The Autocratic leader is mostly thinking about themselves. They hold success tight and they are not willing to share. They look at their team as someone who works for them, as opposed to a teammate.

The Team leader wishes for the success of everyone. They give credit where it is due and recognizes individual achievements. This person is inclusive to everyone and listens to ideas and inputs offered by the group. 

Which leader do you think has more success and a more positive team culture? Which team would YOU rather join? It’s not too hard to see that the Team leader will get you much further.

5 Steps to Creating a Healthy Team Culture

1. Eliminate Negativity

This goes for real life and on social media. Be the same person you are outside your work as you are within your team. 

2. Always Lead by Example

Thoughtfully train and don’t lecture. If you challenge your team to do something, you better be out there doing it too.

3. Be a Problem Solver

Be a problem solver, not a blamer. Stay away from drama. There are no problems, only solutions. Your team will follow your lead. Go in the opposite direction and you’ll find your time being spent trying to put out fires. 

4. Stay Positive

If you panic, your team will panic. When little setbacks happen, finding the positive twist will go a long way. Help them let things go. Example: we had a new promotion that sold out immediately. The team began to panic. I decided to change the narrative to show that this was a great marketing opportunity. There was a high demand and people really loved the product. The scarcity made the product even more desirable and we all had a great month.

5. Put Yourself in their Shoes

Put yourself in others’ shoes and love your team unconditionally. We all want to get to the top. Be grateful and help others take action. Treat people like people, not numbers, and the whole group benefits.

There’s an old adage: “If you change nothing, nothing will change.” Hopefully these five steps will get you and your team on your way to success.

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