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The entire reason you are putting yourself out there is to build your business. What do you HAVE to do to build your business? Recruit!

I have two tips to ensure you are making the most of your recruiting game.


Make a solid and personal connection to those who reach out to you. Without the personal connection, there will be no trust. And as we all know, trust is essential to building your team and your business.

Let’s say you’ve made a connection- you have gained a new follower. The next step is making sure you can keep them around. Find similar likes. Found out what they want in life. Leading with a sales pitch is not effective and doesn’t feel good. Make a connection first.


The “fortune is in the follow up.” It is essential to team building and requires some organization. Keep a log or list of who you have talked to and what you spoke about. Make sure to mark when you spoke so you know when to check in again. 

The best follow ups lead to conversation as opposed to yes or no answers.

“Are you ready to sign up?” is the wrong way to go. You have just made it easy for that person to say, “not right now” or simply, “no.”

Here is a good example of what you want to say: “I just know you will experience the same joy that I have with this company.” Then you invite them to a call or zoom meeting. There might be some push back, but this opens the door to ask what time works for them. Put the ball in their court and make sure to follow up.

Be prompt in following up. You don’t want to miss an opportunity just because you waited too long to contact this person again.

I put together this fun quiz to help identify what areas might be holding you back in your business.

Unlock your success with this fun quiz!

Once you can master making connections and following up, you will build your empire in no time!

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