Remembering Two Pop Artists Who Ruled the 80’s Music Scene: Madonna and Prince

Are there two more iconic pop artists from the 80’s than Prince and Madonna? Absolutely not! These two artists not only ruled the music charts, but also captured and captivated audiences for decades leaving them longing for more of their catchy music. Madonna the “Queen of Pop” was influential and memorable for her time with songs like Material Girl, Papa Don’t Preach, and Like a Virgin. Prince, on the other hand, knew how to command attention with songs like Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, and Kiss.

Well, if you loved the 80’s you probably recall dancing or singing your heart out to many of their top tunes. Here are 15 fun facts you may or may not have known about these two legendary artists.

15 Fun facts about Madonna and Prince

Fact #1 Madonna had seven #1 singles and three #1 albums making her the top female artist of the 80’s.

Fact #2 Prince gained his success in the early 80’s with his hit single Little Red Corvette.

Fact #3 Madonna stepped onto the music scene in 1982 with the release of a song called “Everybody.” While not many people remember that first song, it introduced us to a force unlike anything anyone had seen in that decade or since.

Fact #4 Prince’s album Purple Rain featured two number one hits, When Doves Cry and Let’s Go Crazy. The soundtrack was also used for the totally unforgettable movie Purple Rain.

Fact #5 Madonna started her career in a band playing the drums and then learned how to play the guitar and keyboard.  This would help her develop the pop 80’s beats that the era is known for.

Fact #6 Prince was not just a rock star on the guitar; his love for music pushed him to learn a whopping 27 instruments.

Fact #7 Madonna grew up in Bay City, Michigan. She attended the University of Michigan on a scholarship for dance but dropped out to pursue her music career in New York City. She only had $35 to her name.

Fact #8 Prince was from Minneapolis, Minnesota and recorded most of his music in his hometown.

Fact #9 Madonna was a cheerleader on the Rochester Adams High School cheerleading team. Raa Raa!

Fact #10 Prince was 5″2′ but he was reportedly an excellent athlete despite being smaller than pretty much everyone else on his teams.

Fact#11 The Guinness World Records called Madonna the best-selling female recording artist of all time with sales over $300 million.

Fact #12 Prince’s Purple Rain was responsible for the Parental Advisory label.


Fact #13 Madonna and Prince performed together on the track “Love Song” on Madonna’s Like a Prayer album and he contributed that distorted guitar solo in the first three seconds of “Like a Prayer.”

Fact #14 Prince’s real name was Prince Rogers Nelson and when he was a kid he was known as Skipper.

Fact #15 Prince and Madonna dated for a brief period of time in the 80’s. Madonna allegedly left him after meeting Sean Penn, who she went on to marry not long after.


Oh yes, these two singers are definitely the most memorable pop icons of the 80’s. Even today, decades later, we still can’t get enough of their music. So, go ahead and break out those old 80’s cassettes if you’ve still got them, grab your boom box, and go rock it like it’s the 1980’s!

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