Nail Art of the 80’s is Coming Back in 2019

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. This is the perfect time of year to give your nails a pop of color and bring back some of those posh 80’s styles you love. All you have to do is pick your nail shape, pick your base color, pick your design, and either do it yourself or leave it to a nail pro. Keep in mind if you want to hold true to the great 80’s sense of style, remember ANYTHING goes. Ready for some fun, totally radical 80’s inspiration?

80's nails Geometric or Retro Pattern Nails
Create bold contrast looks using bright or dark colors and shapes on your nails. Consider a solid neutral base either light or dark and then mix in wavy edges or straight lines using complementary or contrasting colors. Consider keeping a few nails a solid color to help make the nail designs pop. Maybe go with a round, square, or a stiletto style shape to your nail.  Think Memphis retro style and 80’s composition patterns using geometric shapes with seamless backgrounds.


Simple and Classic Nails
Keep it simple with a more classic look. Finish nails with colors like nude, peach, lilac, beige, mauve and even white. Glam things up with a colored crystal or gem. Nail shape should be round. Think 80’s T.V. shows like Dallas or even The Love Boat.

Foil and Holographic Nails
Use foils to create a variety of metallic looks and designs to your nails. You can use gold and silver nail foils or even iridescent foils to create holographic designs. Nail shape could be round or square. Think 80’s iridescent fabric styles.

Freddy Krueger Nails Nightmare on Elm Street or Goth
To achieve this look, go with dark and edgy nail colors like black, burgundy, reds, gray, etc.  Create a dark and mysterious look to your nails with the design. Maybe even go with a stiletto style shape nail to create that razor edge look to kill. Pop A Nightmare on Elm Street into your vintage VHS and let Freddy Krueger inspire you.

Ombre Nails
A splash of bright color with a nude base or sparkle will complete this look. For an added touch of shine add some rhinestones to flash off those nails. Ombre or gradient nail art is a fun way to make the most of your favorite wild colors. Think 80’s sequin disco dresses or punk rocker Cyndi Lauper.

If you’re thinking to yourself wait, maybe I still have some polish from the 80’s somewhere under my sink, well think again. Yeah, I totally get it, for some of us it may still feel like the 80’s were just yesterday but it was a couple of decades ago now. Yikes, right?! Well, don’t go getting all sad and sentimental on me. Instead, let’s reminisce about how great the 80’s were and get excited for the fact that we are bringing them back and that is something worth celebrating.

If you are ready to glam out your nails 80’s style, check out all of the incredible colors and accessories here. Save some money, express yourself, and have a great time doing it!

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