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Now that you have taken advice and become a recruiting rock star, you find yourself managing a team. What happens next? Your team becomes the main character and your job is to set them up to become stars.

5 steps to creating a healthy team culture

Being part of a network marketing team is really exciting! If you are already a leader of a great group and are looking to add some more personality and talent, consider these tips.

How to grow your network marketing team

You’ve just started in direct sales and you are super excited! You love the product, you have a great team, you have interested customers, but something is missing. What is it? What is holding you back? You think you should be successful by now, but you seem to be falling short. I have put together […]

Reach your next level of success! Take the quiz

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! A common mistake I have seen made by many in network marketing is taking things personally when they do not go exactly how you want. Something I have seen many who struggle with, as well as myself, is taking it personally when people leave your team or company. It is so […]

Your Team Isn’t Falling Apart, It’s Evolving!

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