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Now that you have taken advice and become a recruiting rock star, you find yourself managing a team. What happens next? Your team becomes the main character and your job is to set them up to become stars.

5 steps to creating a healthy team culture

Being part of a network marketing team is really exciting! If you are already a leader of a great group and are looking to add some more personality and talent, consider these tips.

How to grow your network marketing team

Personal Mottos can make a huge difference for your business! This is because our energy and enthusiasm ebbs and flows. A personal mission statement will help you stay focused even when you’re not feeling it. Here’s how to create one…

Personal mottos for network marketers

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! A common mistake I have seen made by many in network marketing is taking things personally when they do not go exactly how you want. Something I have seen many who struggle with, as well as myself, is taking it personally when people leave your team or company. It is so […]

Your Team Isn’t Falling Apart, It’s Evolving!

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