The importance of having a personal brand

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What’s the difference between you and every other team member in your company? It’s your personal brand, and that’s your key to standing out. I’m going to help you develop your own unique personal brand.

Who is your target customer? This is that dream client who loves you, loves the products, and can’t wait to get her hands on them. Maybe you’ve already had a client like her, or maybe you’re still dreaming of her. Start writing down everything that comes to your mind to describer her.

You also need to become clear on how you would want someone to describe you. What words and feelings do you want associated with you? Are you: fun, friendly, family-motivated, stylish, healthy, trendy, fit, funny, knowledgeable, fashionable, ambitious, creative, enthusiastic, a goal-getter, helpful, motivated, determined.

Another important aspect of creating your personal brand are the colors you choose. What colors or vibe do you want associated with your personal brand?

A great way to get clarity on this is to imagine that your personal brand is going shopping.

The first store you visit is to design your personal brand’s dream office. How is it decorated?

Next, it’s time to accept a big award in your company and you’ve got to go shopping for the trip. Where will you be shopping? Do you hit Kate Spade, Anthropologie, Nordstrom or Betsy Johnson?

Last, your personal brand is hosting a party. What type of appetizers fit your brands personality. Will it be mini hot dogs and sliders or a super swanky cheese board?

Think of something a little out of the box that could be part of your brand personality that would get people thinking about you? For example, I love the 80’s and my clients and team members know it. When they see 80’s memorabilia they think of me. I know this because I get tagged in posts all the time. I even received a box of retro 80’s candy from a client because they knew I’d love it.

In fact, the first time I realized this was by accident. I was with my very first company and I started to realize that people were referring to me as the “jeans girl” because that’s what I was selling. I grabbed onto that and took on the identity 100%. I WAS the “jeans girl.” If I was walking down the street and someone yelled “Hey, jeans girl” instead of my name, I wasn’t offended at all. The brand was sticking and my monthly checks were proving it.

It’s about finding something a little quirky that you love and not being afraid to share that crazy obsession. But you might just figure out what yours is because your clients identify it for you. What is yours going to be?

Where to use your personal brand?

The key here is to create consistency and to streamline your brand. Then you can use everything you’re creating wherever you show up. That will probably be places like Instagram, Facebook, Newsletters, YouTube, Pinterest, and even in person at your events, or the way you send samples or products, or gifts. Basically you use your personal branding anywhere that a customer or team members interacts with you. 

My final thought for you is that a brand is always growing and evolving! And thank goodness! Could you imagine if we were all still required to rock the haircut we had in 4th grade? Just like styles change, so do personal brands.

A good rule of thumb is to assume your brand will need a revamp every 2 to 3 years. Don’t be afraid of change! If you’re not feeling it anymore and it’s no longer a reflection of you or your target client, you have full permission to let that one go and recreate your personal brand.

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