How making a plan can change everything for your business

You might have big goals and lofty dreams, but how do we bring those things to life? It could be as simple as making a plan. A dream without a plan is dead. Let’s talk about how to break down goals to create an achievable plan.

Think about your desired monthly income

When you see your goal in writing, it’s easier to imagine. Use reverse engineering to figure out how to get there. How many items do you need to sell per week? How many customers do you need to reach out to each day? How many parties per week do you need to host? Study your company’s compensation plan so you will know exactly what it will take to meet your financial goals.

Use your talents

How can you inspire others and draw them to your business? What is unique about you? When I started out, I knew I was friendly and liked to talk to people. That’s all I thought I had to offer. It was a good start. As you work on your dream plan, you will realize skills or talents you may not have known you had. As time went on, I learned that I was good at public speaking. I could talk to and entertain a huge room full of people! Finding joy in using your talents will take you far in realizing your dreams.

Incorporate ways to serve others

Serving others will help you forget about the small stresses of work that will undoubtedly come up now and then. Being generous will give you a reputation that others will want to support AND make you feel good in the process. You know the professionals say that giving provides us more joy than receiving. When you realize the impact you are having, you’ll be more motivated to continue. Make sure to design acts of service into your plan. You won’t regret it!

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