Summer Nail Fashion Pops With Color Street Style

Getting your nail game on point is more important than ever these days. Whether it’s for a big job interview or a hot date or a class reunion, you’ll want to have your nails looking their best. While setting up an appointment for a full mani/pedi at your local salon is great, not everybody has that kind of cash to throw around and we can’t all drop everything and hang out at the salon for a few hours in order to get our nails taken care of (assuming they even get to you on time!). That’s where Color Street comes in. 

What is Color Street?

Color Street provides an amazing alternative to expensive salon visits while allowing you to have dazzling nails at a fraction of the cost. Color Street’s products are nail polish strips that come in a variety of salon inspired designs that allow you to quickly and easily make your nails look runway ready. Whether you are looking for nails with glitter, solid colors, incredible art designs, or even French manicures, Color Street has whatever style you are in the mood for. 

Great Value

Color Street’s nail polish strips come in packs of 16 strips which are typically long enough to make it so that you can cover your hands and toes twice over with each pack. The average pack costs just $11.00 with $3.00 flat rate shipping for most orders. You can order online anytime or attend a fun nail party at a friend’s house so you can see the different styles and colors in person, plus shop nail party exclusives. As an official Color Street stylist, I can help you pick out the perfect set for you anytime! Drop me a line if you have any questions or are looking to join a Color Street nail party in your area.  

Each set of nails lasts about 14 to 16 days once applied, so a single kit can keep your nails looking fab all month! For just $11 + shipping you can be looking great for an entire month, compared to $50+ per month at the salon. Did we mention they are easy to apply and require no dry time?

Summer Sale

Right now, Color Street is having a great sale! If you buy three sets of either the solid colors, glitters, or nail art designs you’ll get one set free. This is the perfect time to try some new colors, give a gift to a friend, and have some fun with your nails this summer!

New Colors And Styles Just Released!

Treat yourself to these new, bold summer looks that will have your nails popping off like a firework display. Here’s the new colors and design styles that are hot off the presses for this summer:

Nevada Neon



Nevada Neon

Turn heads with Nevada Neon, a vibrant hot pink! 




Swiss and Tell



Swiss and Tell

Swiss and Tell is a pure creme white – the perfect clean slate for your nails. 




Electric City



Electric City

Make a statement with Electric City, a high voltage neon yellow. 




Mind over Splatter



Mind over Splatter

Nail art – literally! We love the thrown paint look of Mind Over Splatter. 




Oh My Stars



Oh My Stars

Glow, baby, glow! For a cosmic nail look, we love glow-in-the-dark Oh My Stars. 






Love Ya Bunches

Hello, sweet summer blooms! Top your tips with the pop art flowers of Love Ya Bunches. 



Color Street For All

Being a Color Street stylist has brought so much fulfillment and joy into my life. It is such a great way to be able to express yourself through amazing nails while running a business that lets me touch the lives of so many spectacular women around the country. It is a product that I truly believe in. Your world will definitely be more colorful with Color Street. Let me know if you’d like to get started with an order or would like to try a free sample to see for yourself that you really can get salon quality nails at home for a fraction of the price and have fun doing it. Create your own path, grab the wheel, and let Color Street take you there. #BeColorful #BeBrilliant #BeColorStreet

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