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ARE YOU GOING NUTS? Do you feel like you have been going down a negative rabbit hole and can’t get out? Let me help you do a few simple things that will bring back the sunshine into your life. First, TURN OFF THE NEWS. When we watch and listen to distressed and bad news it […]

5 Ways to Stay Positive While Social Distancing!

WHAT DAY IS IT? Seriously, are you finding yourself asking this? The pandemic of 2020 has interrupted lives in more ways than I can list! School, jobs, sports, and so much more were suddenly ripped from our schedules. So what now? Well, you take advantage of the time you now have to work on your […]

Was Your Schedule Interrupted by Covid-19?

DON’T LIVE BY A PERSONAL MOTTO?! UH OH, READ ON……..  An important tool to life, as well as business, is having a personal motto. Motto’s are tools that help the eye to stay focused on goals and to keep from letting the obstacles of life distract you from your dreams. A personal motto can revolutionize […]

A Simple Phrase Can Be a Game Changer!

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL! A common mistake I have seen made by many in network marketing is taking things personally when they do not go exactly how you want. Something I have seen many who struggle with, as well as myself, is taking it personal when people leave your team or company. It is so […]

Your Team Isn’t Falling Apart, It’s Evolving!

My new improved & gorgeous website is LIVE! Have you had a chance to peek around? I hope so! I’m so thrilled to be sharing it with you today. I’d been thinking about this for a while. There is so much that I wanted to share with you in 2020, but I wasn’t sure how […]

Reveal: The New Codi Bills Brand & Website

You all know that I *LOVE* the 80’s! I mean, in the past I’ve literally dedicated my blog to the decade. But I’ve decided it’s time for a BIG change! This change is coming in many forms! Soon you’ll see my entire brand get an update, plus a new website, and that got me thinking […]

I’m making changes!

Remember Physical Education or P.E. in the 80’s? There was dodgeball, the shuttle run, climbing the rope, and various other activities that are probably more fun to look back on then they were to do. In the 80’s, P.E. was mandatory and gym class was either something you looked forward to or something you dreaded. […]

P.E. in the 80’s

Until they invent an actual time machine, one of the best ways to take a trip back to the past is through the popular candy of the time. This is especially true when it comes to Halloween candy! You can really tell a lot about a period of time by examining its popular candy and […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane With 80’s Halloween Candy

Halloween is truly the greatest holiday of the year. It’s a time to celebrate what scares us. It’s a holiday that allows us to embrace vices and go wild. The phrase “trick or treat” literally means give me candy or I will prank you. What other holiday is celebrated by taking your children from house […]

Epic 80’s Throwback Movie Playlist For Halloween

The Breakfast Club was a great movie from the 80’s loaded with themes that are still relevant today. This iconic John Hughes movie is about five high school students who were sent to all-day detention. If you saw the movie you might recall soon after the students arrive in detention the assistant principal instructs them […]

The Breakfast Club: Still Relevant Today

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