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Personal Mottos can make a huge difference for your business! This is because our energy and enthusiasm ebbs and flows. A personal mission statement will help you stay focused even when you’re not feeling it. Here’s how to create one…

Personal Mottos for Network Marketers

This is going to be some tough love for some, but I’m going to be very clear on why I know you won’t be as successful as you could be if you try to run more than one MLM or Direct Sales Business. So watch the video and then choose the one company that is […]

Working more than one MLM won’t work

DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY! A common mistake I have seen made by many in network marketing is taking things personally when they do not go exactly how you want. Something I have seen many who struggle with, as well as myself, is taking it personally when people leave your team or company. It is so […]

Your Team Isn’t Falling Apart, It’s Evolving!

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