About Me

myheadshotI’ve always enjoyed business ventures that allow freedom and flexibility around my most important role as a mother. My experience consists of property management, real estate, and direct sales. As a women, I believe that mothers gain more self-confidence if they have something on the side that brings in income and pushes them to set and achieve goals and then in turn be rewarded for them.

I gained a huge respect, love and passion for direct sales when I joined my first company in 2010. I soon realized the income potential that networking offers and I went for it! The success that followed and continues to follow has helped me feel good about myself, made me a better wife and mother, and has brought in a great second income.

My interests include fashion, beauty, entertainment, baking, and religion.

I am blessed to have the support of my husband and 4 boys! Our motto is “Family First.” This lifestyle definitely allows us to adhere to that.

Want to know more about what I do? Let’s chat! 208-230-0695